Family Law

Family Law is an area of law that deals with family-related issues and domestic relations including

  • Marriages and issues arising out of marriage such as stridhan, domestic violence, divorce, judicial separation, restitution of conjugal rights, bigamy, legitimacy of children, permanent alimony and maintenance etc.
  • Partition of joint HUF properties, Reunion and Settlements
  • Testamentary and Intestate Succession
  • Minority and Guardianship including Child custody
  • Adoption and Maintenance of wife, children and aged parents

The above description is by no means exhaustive of the potential cases that come through the family court system in India. In many cities and even small towns and districts, family courts see the most crowded dockets. Litigants representative of all social and economic classes are parties in such matters.

A family is a miniature replica of the society in itself. The importance of family lies in the fact, that it cements a nation together by providing it a past, a present and a future

We at PRASAD & SINHA understand that especially in the Indian subcontinent, family assumes an important place in every individual’s life and as such our team of professionals are sensitive to the issues emanating there from and take special care and efforts to give the best solution to our clients, be it legal or through the process of mediation and conciliation in resolving conflicts. In the preceding years, we have gained immense knowledge and expertise in handling court cases pertaining to family law. Owing to our relentless work in this field of law, we have time and again received accolades and won the appreciation from our clients, colleagues, bar and the Judges.